Hazmat Endorsement CDL Practice Test

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Who must receive hazmat training?

Any employee that meets the definition of a hazmat employee as defined in §171.8 of the Hazardous Materials Regulations must be trained. Before any hazmat employee performs any function subject to the Hazmat Regulations they must be trained, tested, and certified by the hazmat employer.

Who is a hazmat employee?

A hazmat employee is an individual that is employed on a full time, part time, or temporary basis by a hazmat employer or who is self-employed, and during the course of employment performs any function subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations. This includes anyone who:

  • Loads, unloads, or handles hazardous materials;
  • Designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, marks, maintains, reconditions, repairs, or tests a package, container or packaging component that is represented, marked, certified, or sold as qualified for use in transporting hazmat in commerce;
  • Prepares hazardous materials for transportation;
  • Is responsible for the safety of transporting hazardous materials; or
  • Operates a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials.

What must be included in hazmat training?

The hazmat employee must be trained on all the Hazardous Materials Regulations that apply to the function(s) that will be performed. The training must include General awareness/familiarization training, Function-specific training, Safety training, Security awareness training, and In-depth security training, as appropriate.

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How often do hazmat employees need to be trained?

Before any hazmat employee performs any function subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations they must be trained. Recurrent training is required once every three years.

However, if a new regulation is adopted or an existing regulation is changed, that relates to a function performed by a hazmat employee, that employee must be trained on the new/revised requirements. This training must be completed before the employee performs the function and before the three year recurrent training is required. The employee only needs to be instructed on the new/revised requirements.

Can a hazmat employee perform functions before completing hazmat training?

Yes, but only if under the direct supervision of a properly trained and knowledgeable hazmat employee and the new hazmat employee’s training is completed within 90 days of employment or change in job function.

Do trainers have to be certified or have a certain number of hours of training before they can train hazmat employees?

No. There are no requirements in the Hazmat Regulations addressing a trainer’s qualifications.

When only limited quantities or consumer commodities are involved; is hazmat training required for employees?

Yes. When limited quantities or consumer commodities are involved, employees are performing functions subject to the hazmat regulations and must be trained.